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National Peanut Butter Lovers’ Month

Curious about what goes into capturing the perfect shot? Let’s take a look #BehindTheScenes.🎬

Between client projects, Cameron Logsdon led this test shoot inspired by National #PeanutButter Lovers Month. The goal? To capture peanut butter in a different way, while still being commercially viable.

🥃 We started by giving a bottle of Skrewball Spirits Peanut Butter Whiskey a generous coating of melted Kroger brand peanut butter and raw peanuts. We then rigged the bottle with a combination of standard studio grip and GRAF Strato gear.

💡 The set was cross-lit with Profoto D2s and bare-bulb flash. We used a separate Profoto light to illuminate the background, with a 1/8 CTO gel filter adding extra warmth.

📸 Once we had the product and lighting just right, we captured the shot using a Phase One XF with a 55mm prime lens.